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We believe that it would be no exaggeration to say that in a short period of two decades Nepalese cuisine and hospitality has won the hearts of Finns and non-Finns. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the love and appreciation you have shown towards the Nepalese cuisine and hospitality. At Restaurant Tribeni we shall always do our utmost to keep up your expectations. Restaurant Tribeni boasts of a team that is made up of people who have knowledge, experience and most importantly dedication in restaurant business to serve you the best of Nepalese tastes with the beloved service attitude 'atithi devo bhawa- Guests are God'. Restaurant Tribeni has been envisioned as an ideal place for both quiet dining with family or friends; and cozy place to get over the humdrum and strenuous daily routine over a couple of drinks. Under one ceiling we have two separate places for eating and drinking. All in all, Restaurant Tribeni is a place for everybody like the heart of Nepal; though small in size it is full of love and care for everybody. It is conveniently located in Tampere. Taxi stand, and bus stops are very close by.

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Nepalese Kitchen, also known as the cuisine of the Himalayas, Its uniqueness is obtained by combining the two regional culinary tradition of India and Tibet. We have abundance variety of spices and flavor reflects the Himalayan geographic and demographic diversity. Nepal, a small country geographically, extends to the south subtropical Terai lowland northern majestic Himalayan highlands, Which is crowned by Mount Everest. Hence, Nepal has created a very unique cultural identity into a harmonious self-indigenous traditions from every corner of the Earth. Nepalese Kitchen consists mainly of rice, wheat, corn, lentils and fresh vegetables and meats. A typical Nepalese and Himalayan meals include Dal (lentil soup Or -food), Tarkari (curried vegetables or meats), Bhutuwas (stir-fried meats or vegetables), Sekuwas (grilled meats or vegetables), Naan bread, MOMO (fried "dumplings" ), Chow-Chows (Himalayan stewed in oil and fried noodle), Achars (spicy salad) Chutney (hot and Sour sauce), Chiya (spiced or regular tea), and much more snacks. Nepalese Kitchen use a wide variety of cooking techniques, such as currying (stewing), stir-frying ( "Bhuteko"), barbecue ( "Sekeko" or "POLEKO"), deep frying ( "Tareko"), marinated ( "Sadheko"), hardening ( "Jhaneko "), and vaporizing (" Baphaeko "). Nepalese food that is simple and refined taste, are prepared by the usual ingredients and spices unique Combination. The most common spices are garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander. Note: All main course meal includes salad, basmati rice, raita, chutney and naan bread. All dishes include salad, basmati rice, naan bread, raita and chutney.


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